BPM Playa del Carmen 2016

We are just a few days from the start of the biggest festival and most anticipated electronic music in the country, and nothing better than to celebrate in Playa del Carmen, a few days after starting the year 2016, Great ¿no?

bpm festival playa del carme

The festival is the BPM, date 8th to the 17th January 17, 2016, where its 8th edition held in Playa del Carmen, the tropical climate of the city makes the BPM the winning bet for many fans of electronic music.

Since its creation, BPM has grown considerably in size and roster of talent worldwide, quickly establishing itself as an essential stop on the festival circuit for all fans of underground dance music and as an essential day to take the party in winter .

We will have the opportunity to live the best 10 days of electronic music in the country in Playa del Carmen.

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